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Traffic Booster


Just $500 for 6-Month Membership


This program helps business owners to spend more time running the business than searching for leads. New leads will be generated through attracting targeted customers.


Begin to add valuable tools that engage website visitors, and capture targeted leads. Automated messaging can be added to provide information to potential customers.


The Traffic Builder has been successful in helping clients increase sales. Results begin in as little as 14 days. Better exposure to target customers is always the best way to increase sales.


Designed to help US business owners that sell products and services across the United States. Reach new customers and clients in very different ways through our comprehensive “Small Business Showcase” Membership. The highest-degree of collaborative marketing sponsored and managed by Bosfin Group.

Monthly features include:

  • Submission to directories
  • Part of email marketing campaigns to 100,000+ consumers and B2B.
  • Logo Branding with clickable logo URL. Rotating 24/7 during the 6-month membership period.
  • Review Monitoring: 18+ Sites
  • Social Media Impressions of 300,000+
  • Organic Rank Tracking
  • Representation at events, flyer distribution by street teams and business networking.
  • Promotion on radio programming with our radio broadcast partners.
  • Listed as a co-sponsor at high school sporting events during football season.
  • Ad spot on the Small Business Showcase directory with traffic drivento the showcase based on keyworks, member offerings and other core methods. Up to 2.7 million visitors based on the results of our last campaign.
  • Free Search Engine Optimization Session
  • Opportunity to be promoted on our Small Business Radio program. 
  • Free Small Business Funding Guide
  • Weekly Small Business Podcasts and Networking Events
  • Small Business Perks Program
  • Savings on Business Builder Program, Business Credit Building Help
  • Assistance with Small Business Funding (Our own portfolio) – SBA, Private, Crowd, Banks, Credit Lines, more.
  • Resources for better personal credit, monitoring for ID Theft.

This is a guarantee program that ensure each member receive targeted traffic and opportunities for growth. Of course we cannot close the sale for you, but we drive valuable traffic to your website, phone number, social media and business ads. Your company is positively branded and seen be 100,000+ consumers (and B2B) over the life of the 6-month Membership. A cost of less than $100 per month. Contact (781) 709-7672 to get started.

* Must be a United States small business and able to offer the services/products you offer. Specific rules apply.


Clients, friends and members are offered the opportunity to be listed in our Small Business Marketplace. The marketplace is optimized to attract visitors from around the United States.

Listing generate an extra layer of traffic for our clients with built-in trust. A very effective tool in the conversion objectives of our clients.