Business Planning

With over 1,000 business proposals written by our team, your will be able to have expert advice and strategy building along with an exceptional plan. Our team has decades experience within the small business space. Let us help your business reach new heights.

A business plan is required by lenders, investors, joint venture partners and others. It displays your business in a written formation, and helps readers determine the ability of a concept or business to meet specifics of the business plan. Each plan is customized to match your objectives and values.



Comprehensive business plan written according to business objectives, target customers and industry positioning.

  • 20-Page Business Plan
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Sixty-month Projection Pro-forma
  • Market Research with Target Customer Analysis
  • Industry Spotlight with SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Position and Operational Strategy

Start to Finish: 10-14 days (A series of draft to get everything the way you like).


Custom business plan written according to main objectives, goals and industry analysis. Great tool for small startups or business seeking smaller funding or lease terms.

  • 10-Page Business Plan
  • 36-Month Projection Pro forma
  • Market Analysis
  • Industry/SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Positioning

Start to Finish: 3-5 days


Intelligent, effective pitch that will engage readers, and prompt a positive response. These are used specific to determine interest.

  • 3-Pages
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Industry Segments
  • Competitive Pitch
  • Exit Strategy

Start to Finish: 1-2 days