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The Power is Already with You

Running a small business may be challenging. Too small to build the right infrastructure for massive growth and underappreciated by banks, larger firms and others. In addition, the larger firms issue continuous messages through media partners to give you advice through ads, social media and the news. You are continually bombarded with message on “how […]

How to Increase Business Credit Scores

Understanding business credit scores can be confusing. But it is worth the time and effort to better understand business credit. Lenders are using business credit more and more. They use business credit because it consolidates the process and validates information faster. This speeds the process for you. Bosfin Group specializes in Business Credit Building as […]

Modern Small Business Marketing

YOUR ARE A SMALL BUSINESS: MARKET LIKE IT. Let’s face it! Most small business marketing is limited. Though, professional marketing companies will convince you otherwise. Of course! They want to stay on business. Small business marketing is complicated to say the very least. And it differs depending on targets, business type and objectives. So, what […]

No Credit Check Business Credit Line

As the economy continues to thrive under the current US leadership, it is important that small business owners position themselves to take advantage of opportunities. You never fully know when a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity will appear. Therefore, it is time to prepare. Money is returning from overseas – see With the GOP Tax Cuts working and […]


Use Trade-lines, Keep D&B Profile Up-to-Date & Pay Bills Providing accurate information to Dun & Bradstreet is important to a having an effective business profile.  A profile that can be used as a company’ advantage. Dun & Bradstreet provides lenders with three main business credit score: PAYDEX Score (1 – 100) – A score that […]

Understanding the Liquid Credit Score

Many business owners are concerned about personal credit ( and some even prepare a business credit profile. These are very important areas in the decision-making process of the lender. But, there is another area to consider. This is this Liquid Credit Score. A what? Yes, a Liquid Credit Score, which is also known as the […]

Make America stronger through small business growth and diversity

For the most part, the average person gets along with their neighbors (we are diverse). We know the “media” displays a different story, but we know this from what we see each day. Diversity exists in small business America. This is good for America. Good for the world. But, we can even do better.  As […]

How to Utilize SBA Loan Programs

Using SBA Loans to Finance Business Expansion Business growth bring cash flow issues. It is natural. Therefore, it is better to prepare for expansion with a SBA Express Loan or SBA 504 Loan. The better the business prepares for growth, the better opportunity for optimal success. This leads to profits, opportunity and even more growth. Review […]

Do you know your business credit score? Lender’s do!

Most business owners do not know their credit score, and many do not really care. But should they? Experts from all major business schools, the SBA and banks say they should. Regardless of an active business credit profile, the borrowing business is scored during the decision-making process based on information that is available. If a […]